NetSuite Module List

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2611 - Job Costing Module
  • Calculate costs for labor based on tracked time, and account for these costs in your general ledger.
  • Create project specific budgets for expenses and labor
2319 - Advanced Financials Module
  • Advanced budgeting, Expense Allocations, Amortization Schedules, Advanced Billing Schedules, Milestone Billing, Statistical Accounting, Allocation Enhancement
2303 - Advanced Inventory Module
  • Matrix Items - automatically manage multiple item options, Serialized Inventory, Bar coding: items and transactions, Lot Management, Pick Pack Ship, Automated Reorder Point, Lead Time Calculations, Workflow to process warrenty claims and to refund replace or repair returned items
2730 - Advanced Procurement
  • Helps manage supplier relationships, source-to-pay processes and related procurement spend
  • Creates requisitions transaction allowing a buyer to spread a requisition's items across multiple vendor POs, and/or consolidate multiple requisitions' items into a single vendor PO.
  • New purchase contracts enable companies to make purchases with negotiated pricing
  • Blanket POs  allow companies to purchase in large volumes and spread the delivery of the items or expenses over a time horizon using pre-specified schedules
2403 - Advanced Purchase Card Data Integration
  • Processor-specific, gateway-certified transmission of Level II and III Purchase Card data
  • Requires merchant acquiring account (in addition to gateway account) with a Level II/III-certified processing partner, currently CyberSource or Merchant e-Solutions
  • Use of the NetSuite Advanced Purchase Card Processing Integration functionality does not guarantee lower rates on transaction processing. Additional requirements may apply to qualify for reduced processing rates as determined by the Purchase Card programs.
2478 - Advanced Software
  • Issue Lifecycle & Status Transition Engine
  • Closed-Loop Case/Issue Linking
  • Self-Service Issue Tracking for Customers
  • Electronic File/Software Distribution for NetSuite
  • Self-Service "My Downloads" Center
2223 - Contract Renewals
  • Automated Contract Renewals
  • Multiple Contract Support
  • Upsell / Downsell Management
  • Sales through multiple channels
  • Uplift Management
2261 - Demand Planning
    Demand Planning Module:
  • Demand projection of items
  • Inventory Planning
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders and/or work orders based on historical or forecasted demand. Work orders requires an additional module
  • Advanced Inventory module is required
2771 - Dunning Letters
    Dunning Letters Module includes:  
  • Dunning procedure automation
  • Apply dunning procedure to a customer or an invoice
  • Send dunning letters electronically via email to inform customers of overdue invoices
2268 - Fixed Asset Management
    Fixed Asset Management:
  • Acquire, Depreciate, Dispose and Revalue assets
  • Depreciation Management
  • Asset Process Accounting Automation
  • Real Time Asset Reporting
  • Up to 500,000 assets
2582 - Grid Order Management Helps simplify the entry and management of multi-attribute SKUs
2313 - Incentive Compensation Module
  • "Incentive Compensation for NetSuite & NetSuite CRM+
  • Commission Schedules based on products, percentage attainment, thresholds and dates
  • Commission Plans with multiple Commission Schedules
  • Automated management of Special Incentives (spiffs)
  • Roll Up Commissions Plans with Manager incentives
  • Executive Commission Plan management
  • Process and pay Commissions (U.S. version & NetSuite Payroll required)
  • Alt Sales Amount (ASA)
2315 - Issue Management
  • Issue Management for NetSuite and NetSuite CRM+
  • Issue Lifecycle & Status Transition Engine
  • Closed-Loop Case/Issue Linking
  • Self-Service Issue Tracking for Customers
2475 - Manufacturing WIP and Routings
  • Define work centers
  • Define routings with setup times and run rates
  • Track manufacturing activities (including labor and machine time) by sequence of operations
  • Track labor, machine, and material cost accumulated in work in process
  • Record labor and machine direct and overhead costs during operation completion
  • Work Orders Assemblies and Advanced Inventory modules are required"
2432 - NS POS Module
    NetSuite POS Module capabilities include:
  • Process retail transactions
  • Process returns and refunds
  • Manage cash-drawer
  • Manage multiple levels of security
  • Time clock tracking
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Offline database to enable POS terminal to operate without continuous internet connectivity
  • Store data replication
  • Store level reporting
  • Requires Retail Location(s) access and POS Terminal Access, each sold separately
  • Dedicated User for Web Services integration
  • The NetSuite POS Module is provided pursuant to the NetSuite POS Addendum posted at
3133 - NS WMS Module
  • One copy of the offline NetSuite WMS Printer Driver Software
  • Receiving and Putaway
  • Wave Management and Order Fulfillment
  • Inventory Moves and Cycle Counting
  • Forward Replenishment
  • Includes one designated site
  • A Web Service subscription to run concurrent Web Service threads with a single log-in. Maximum of ten concurrent threads per user
  • Supports RF/Mobile Handhelds (additional hardware/software required and not provided by NetSuite) NetSuite WMS is provided pursuant to the NetSuite Third Party Terms of Service posted at If the fees for a feature or functionality of NetSuite WMS are based on usage of NetSuite WMS or associated Users, NetSuite shall access and use Customer Data as reasonably necessary to determine the fees for the applicable feature or functionality. You will be responsible for payment of any usage in excess of that which is authorized by NetSuite.
2371 - OneWorld Module
    NetSuite OneWorld includes:
  • 3 Subsidiary companies
  • Multi- company / Multi-org support in single NetSuite Account
  • Segregated ERP and G/L for each Subsidiary
  • Global CRM and Sales Support
  • Multiple transaction and consolidation currencies
  • Local functional currency reporting for each Subsidiary
  • Real-time consolidated financial reporting for multiple currencies
  • Multi-country regulatory tax and reporting support
2578 - Payflow Gateway Integration
  • Allows for setup and use of the NetSuite integration to the PayPal Payflow Pro gateway
  • Does not include the gateway
2352 - Project Management
    Project Management Module:
  • Estimated Costing
  • Project Time Tracking
  • Project Task Management
  • Utilization & Backlog Reporting
2272 - Recurring Billing Module
    Recurring Billing Module provides the ability to calculate a billing amount:
  • By querying of usage data
  • Based on a minimum monthly contract value
  • Allows the use of filters when querying the usage data
  • Using a tiered pricing calculation
  • If the fees for a feature or functionality of the Service are based on usage of the Service, NetSuite shall access and use Customer Data as reasonably necessary to determine the fees for the applicable feature or functionality.
2674 - SuiteAnalytics Connect
  • The SuiteAnalytics Connect module enables you to access and query your NetSuite data using SQL through the following mainstream database standards:  ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET.
  • The SuiteAnalytics Connect module requires separately licensed drivers for ODBC, JDBC and ADO.Net (“SuiteAnalytics Connect Drivers” or “Drivers”), which NetSuite provides to you at no additional cost if you have procured the SuiteAnalytics Connect module.
  • Access to SuiteAnalytics Connect module is provided pursuant to the Subscription Services Agreement, which you previously accepted when you procured NetSuite’s hosted business solution.
  • Your use of the Drivers is governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the SuiteAnalytics Connect Drivers End User License Agreement that can be found at
  • By signing the Estimate/Order Form and/or downloading the Drivers, you agree you have reviewed and agree to such terms.
2362 - SuiteCloud Plus
  • A Web Service subscription to run concurrent Web Service threads with a single log-in. Maximum of ten concurrent threads per user.
  • Includes the use of maximum five SuiteScript scheduled script queues in an account.
2489 - SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Advanced ecommerce web store for one (1) brand/domain/design and up to two (2) development /staging sites.
  • Site may be deployed in multiple countries with single site design.
  • Key features include: CDN caching, Solr site search, Responsive design, Reference Shopping & My Account bundles, Dynamic merchandising, Faceted navigation, SEO page generation, Multiple alternative images and image zooming, Multiple countries, currencies and languages.
2327 - SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder Module
  • Advanced Site Customization
  • Dynamic, Database-Driven Hosted Site
  • External Store Integration
  • Advanced Search; Query any field, format results
  • Referrer Report
  • Search Engine Keyword Report
  • Click Activity Reports
  • Visitor Detail Reports
  • New & Unique Visitor Reports
  • Web Report Snapshots
2391 - SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder - Add Ons
  • SuiteCommerce Site Builder Add Ons include the following website features: Ratings & Reviews, Wish List, Image Zoom, Recently Viewed Items, Quick Views, Back in Stock notifications, Mini Cart, Saved Cart, Previous and Next, and Quick Orders, and is made available pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the Third Party Terms of Service located at
2481 - Two Factor Authentication
  • Per User fee for Two Factor Authentication ** Provides secondary layer of security for authentication to NetSuite accounts beyond user passwords
  • Requires RSA software tokens (for use with smart phones: iPhone, Android, Blackberry) or hardware tokens (e.g. RSA SecurID 700 authenticator). RSA tokens must be purchased separately from an RSA vendor of choice.
2317 - Work Orders & Assembiles Modules
  • Assemblies with management of multi-level sub-components, assembly build/unbuild, and inventory tracking of finished build vs. sub-components
  • Work Orders for managing both Production Order and Special Order assembly build workflows to replenish stock levels or handle custom orders
2608 - Resource Allocation Module
    Resource Allocation module includes:
  • Allocate resources to projects with defined start/end dates, durations and allocation types, view and manage resource allocation, and monitor associated utilization rates.
1112 - NS Basic Payroll
    "Self-service payroll module
  • Fully integrated with accounting, sales force automation
  • Supports all federal state and more than 10,000 local taxes
  • Monitors tax law changes and provides mid-year and annual updates
  • Provides required forms online, pre-filled with employee and employer data
  • Determines employee tax jurisdictions (even locals) based on employee and business addresses
  • Supports state tax reciprocity laws
  • Applies local tax sharing rules

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