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NetSuite Customization

NetSuite Customization

NetSuite customization primarily uses custom workflows and business data, SuiteScript, and SuiteCloud for automation. SuiteCloud customization features empower users with the agility to extend capabilities in their Oracle NetSuite instance virtually without limits. Our Oracle NetSuite experts will take your business to the next level and help you get the most out of your cloud solution investment.

What is NetSuite Customization?

SuiteCloud customization features give you the power to adapt your Oracle NetSuite instance to the unique ways your business works. Companies can easily define, personalize, share and secure all enhancements or new functions throughout the Oracle NetSuite system.

Custom App Development

We configure the NetSuite platform to create customized vertical and industry-specific applications tailored to your customers through Oracle NetSuite ERP / Accounting / CRM software.

Custom NetSuite Integration

We use industry standards for building reliable and scalable integrations that extend NetSuite into any business process, and securely exchange data from your NetSuite account with on-premises applications and cloud-native environments.

Custom Migration Service

Experienced in NetSuite data conversion and migration from both Cloud and existing on-premise enterprise systems to NetSuite ERP.

Custom App Development

Best of all, customizations automatically migrate with every NetSuite upgrade, enabling you to customize and develop apps with confidence.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Customization Benefits

SuiteCloud customization solutions provide 360-degree visibility over your entire account equipping administrators with the ability to modify and enhance out-of-the-box NetSuite capabilities as your needs change over time.  

NetSuite Customer Portal
NetSuite implementation
NetSuite CRM

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Development

SuiteScript NetSuite


Using SuiteScripts, allows us to complete customization and automation of business processes.

SuiteScript NetSuite


Makes it easy to enhance, extend and integrate third party and legacy systems seamlessly with NetSuite.

SuiteScript NetSuite


Provides a single view of customer, order, inventory and other critical data and enabling real-time visibility.

SuiteScript NetSuite


It allows customization and personalization of your NetSuite application without requiring you to write any code.

SuiteScript NetSuite


Real-time analytics across all areas—financials, orders, customers, opportunities and all custom objects—to quickly get the business answers they need.

SuiteScript NetSuite


Technology allows ISVs, VARs and SIs to productize their industry expertise, create vertical solutions, and deliver them in a repeatable, cost.

SuiteScript NetSuite


Maximize efficiency by automating workflow-driven tasks, from simple alerts and data input validations to complex, multistage processes.

SuiteScript NetSuite

SuiteCloud IDE

Enables you to build SuiteApp functionality on top of the NetSuite infrastructure while leveraging the applications that have already been built on the same infrastructure.

NetSuite Help? We're Here.

NewGen Business Solutions is a full-service NetSuite solution provider and a team of experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform customization capabilities makes configuring and NetSuite customization accessible to business users and administrators without requiring IT or third party applications. By taking a visual, no-code approach to enhancing the suite to meet the unique needs of every organization. Platform customization solutions empower non-technical users with the agility to extend NetSuite customization virtually without limits.

In the case of NetSuite, JavaScript is our server-side language of choice. While JavaScript has traditionally been a client-side language, NetSuite makes use of server-side JavaScript, allowing customers to write workflows, custom fields or complex business logic that runs efficiently in the cloud without having to learn a new language.

NetSuite customization or SuiteCloud customization features give you the power to adapt your NetSuite instance to the unique ways your business works or business needs. Companies can easily define, personalize, share and secure all enhancements throughout the entire software. NetSuite customization has exceptional capability to fulfill unique business needs. Customizing your ERP enhances the overall business performance and helps to meet the rapidly changing business environment. Our NetSuite customization expertise on API’s, SuiteScript 1.0, 2.0, SuiteTalk, and other technologies tailoring to fit the unique needs of the business requirements.

Customization of the unique business process to fit NetSuite ERP.

Creation of Custom Fields, Custom Client Scripts, Create Forms, Objects, and Scripts.

Designing of Scheduled scripts and User Event scripts.

Development of portlets, RESTlet scripts, Suitelets, and custom workflows.

Custom forms and advanced saved searches.

Connect to Data the Way You Want

SuiteCloud data integration technologies adapt to how your application ecosystem is designed, not the other way around. Achieve your integration objectives and key performance indicators by leveraging standard interfaces and data formats and commonly used ISV applications including tax, vendor management, productivity, and hundreds of others, all certified to work with NetSuite system.

  • Industry Standard. Commonly implemented industry standards and integration technologies like REST and SOAP web services, custom REST endpoints, CSV file import and ODBC/JDBC are supported.

  • Secure Connectivity. Role-based access, certificate-based encryption and API-level security — including token-based authentication and OAuth 2.0 — ensure that data flowing in and out of your NetSuite system account is always kept secure.

  • Localized Experience. Translated strings maintained in NetSuite customization records are returned based on user preference and company language settings, so users can work with NetSuite information in their local languages.

  • Developer Friendly. Use common tools like Postman and Swagger when working with REST interfaces and metadata.  

13 ERP Modules and Their Features. What Are NetSuite ERP System Modules?

Each ERP module is designed for specific business processes or business needs, providing the data and custom solutions that support the business processes that will help those employee users do their jobs.

Order Management
Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Workforce Management
Professional Services Automation
Human Resource Management
Supply Chain Management
Marketing Automation 

The NetSuite REST API now provides users with direct access to SuiteQL, a highly performant SQL-like query language. You can even execute advanced ad-hoc queries to perform actions such as multi-level joins, filtering, sorting, aliasing and paging.

NetSuite workflows are a graphical tool that allows you to customize NetSuite to fit your business processes and industry, without knowing complex JavaScript or SuiteScript code. Workflows can apply to both standard and record types with multiple actions.

You can also connect to the NetSuite data source using the Data Connection Wizard or Microsoft Query and select the tables you would like to import into your Excel workbook. In this case, you can choose whether to display the imported data as a table, a PivotTable report, or a PivotChart.

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What Is A NetSuite Solution Partner?

NetSuite Solution Providers are business application experts who deliver complete NetSuite cloud computing solutions, from selling NetSuite licenses to implementation and support. Solution Providers have demonstrated accounting/ERP, CRM or eCommerce expertise delivered with proven methodologies that ensure your success. NetSuite’s Solution Providers share our vision of helping medium-size companies and enterprises run their businesses better.     

From the scoping call to the finished product, NewGen was right there for us. As long as we’re on NetSuite we will continue to partner with NewGen and can’t recommend them enough!
LaVette Strickland
IT Analyst, Topcon Positioning Systems

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