Oracle NetSuite customization primarily uses custom workflows and business data, SuiteScript, and SuiteCloud for automation. SuiteCloud is the Oracle NetSuite platform which is built on JavaScript that enables complete customization features and automation of business processes. This allows core business records and user information to be manipulated to change a field, form submit, before read, before write, or web requests to be run at a specific time. Our Oracle NetSuite experts will take your business to the next level and help you get the most out of your cloud ERP solution investment.   

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What is Oracle NetSuite Customization?

SuiteCloud customization features allows your Oracle NetSuite to work in unique ways to fit your business needs. Companies can easily define, personalize, share and secure all enhancements or new functions throughout the Oracle NetSuite system.

Customization Made Simple

Intuitive, easy-to-use, point-and-click tools to configure your NetSuite platform to create customized vertical and industry-specific applications tailored to your business.

Flexible, Personalized NetSuite Integration

Customize or create new user interfaces to capture and display the information your users need to work efficiently. Incorporate components like lists or forms to any page.

Custom Migration Service

We take a methodical approach to Oracle NetSuite data conversion and migration which includes inspecting, extracting, cleansing and transforming the data from each application to the database.

Custom App Development

NetSuite customizations automatically migrate with every NetSuite upgrade, enabling you to customize and develop apps with trust and confidence.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Customization Benefits

SuiteCloud customization solutions provide 360-degree visibility over your entire account equipping administrators with the ability to modify and enhance out-of-the-box NetSuite capabilities as your needs change over time.  

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Development


SuiteScripts APIs, allows core business records and user information to be accessed and manipulated.


NetSuite SuiteAnalytics analytics and real-time reporting provide visibility into companies operational and financial performance across all areas.


SuiteTalk integration makes it easy to enhance, extend, and integrate third party and legacy systems seamlessly within Oracle NetSuite.


NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) provides an efficient way to package, deploy, and update NetSuite applications developed by ISV partners.


Unify and oversee every aspect of the commerce experience, from online and in-store transactions to accounting, order management, and inventory.


SuiteFlow provides developers and customers with easy-to-use point-and-click tools to customize and automate business processes.


SuiteBuilder allows all the point and click customization available through UI. No code required with your Oracle NetSuite application.

SuiteCloud IDE

Enables you to build SuiteApp functionality on top of the NetSuite infrastructure while leveraging the applications that have already been built on the same infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform customization capabilities makes configuring and NetSuite customization accessible to business users and administrators without requiring IT or third party applications. By taking a visual, no-code approach to enhancing the suite to meet the unique needs of every organization. Platform customization solutions empower non-technical users with the agility to extend NetSuite customization virtually without limits.



JavaScript, SuiteScript is a full-featured programming language for developing custom business logic and data objects to orchestrate user events, automate scheduled processes, run map/reduce queries, customize workflow actions and much more.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform customization capabilities makes configuring and customizing NetSuite accessible to business users and administrators without requiring IT. By taking a visual, no-code approach to enhancing the suite to meet the unique needs of every organization. Platform customization solutions empower non-technical users with the agility to extend NetSuite virtually without limits.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Customization Benefits

  • Customization Made Simple. Intuitive, easy-to-use point-and-click tools for business users mean less time spent getting customizations ready for production.

  • Data Organized Your Way. Organize and manage business data according to how you want your model to behave by defining custom objects like records, fields and data relationships.

  • Hassle-Free Upgradability. Changes made to standard NetSuite functionality automatically work with every new product release.

  • Business-User Friendly. Your users don’t require advanced technical skills to modify out-of-the-box functionality, meaning lower customization costs and reduced reliance on IT and developers.

SuiteCloud data integration technologies adapt to how your application ecosystem is designed, not the other way around. Achieve your integration objectives by leveraging standard interfaces and data formats and commonly used ISV applications including tax, vendor management and hundreds of others, all certified to work with NetSuite.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Benefits
  • No Version Lock. Customizations automatically carry forward during every version upgrade without requiring modification.
  • Customization Without Coding.
  • Flexible Business Process Automation. 
  • Robust Application Development. 
  • Software Lifecycle Management. 
  • Standards-based Integration.

13 Oracle NetSuite ERP Modules 


Order Management
Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Workforce Management
Professional Services Automation
Human Resource Management
Supply Chain Management
Marketing Automation 


What are ERP modules?
ERP modules are applications dedicated to certain business functions and processes. All modules are integrated with the ERP system’s central database so there’s a single source of accurate data. This also allows different systems — like finance and inventory management, for example — to easily exchange information and work together to execute more complex tasks.

NetSuite SuiteFlow helps businesses maximize efficiency by automating workflow-driven tasks, from simple alerts and data input validations to complex, multistage processes. From an intuitive point-and-click interface, business users can craft and optimize responsive workflows to automate all standard and custom processes your company depends on.

You can also connect Data Connection Wizard or Microsoft Query and select the tables you would like to import into your Excel workbook

What is

a NetSuite Solution Partner?

NetSuite Solution Providers are business application experts who deliver complete NetSuite cloud computing solutions, from selling NetSuite licenses to implementation and support. Solution Providers have demonstrated accounting/ERP, CRM or eCommerce expertise delivered with proven methodologies that ensure your success. NetSuite’s Solution Providers share our vision of helping medium-size companies and enterprises run their businesses better.

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