Your Supply Chain: Mobile. Accurate. Real-Time.

Mobile Inventory Management for NetSuite

Industrial companies working with NewGen Business Solutions are turning to cloud solutions like NetSuite to scale faster and keep their customers happy. This growth can be hindered, however, if you don’t have tight control of your inventory. Regardless your ERP solution, it’s nearly impossible to have 100% inventory accuracy if you are using manual or paper-based processes.

NewGen recommends using mobile inventory management to extend NetSuite across your supply chain.  If you want to see increased inventory accuracy to 99%+, a mobile solution can automate process like managing fulfillments. Real-time transactions update NetSuite for an accurate picture of your operations.

Why Use RF-SMART for Mobile?

RF-SMART is an industry-leading SuiteApp that provides some of the most advanced real-time inventory management tools like cycle counting and mobile pick pack ship. Thousands of NetSuite customers have turned to RF-SMART to eliminate mis ships and increase the speed of their operations.

NewGen recommends RF-SMART because:

  • Built in NetSuite (Native)
  • Has quick installation and training times
  • User-friendly UI
  • Advanced, value-adding functionality like work center reporting

Customer Success


Fisk Industries

Manufacturer and Distributor of Personal Care and Beauty Products

“Inventory accuracy is a big win. We’ve been able to improve inventory accuracy from 85% to 98%. Bin management allows us to move product between bins to allow for replenishment. It’s an incredible time-savings. We’ve been able to improve our performance and reduce staff.”

“The ease of operation and the improvement to our customer service made RF-SMART a smart investment… More than that, RF-SMART is dedicated to our success. Our company will be able to grow in the future with RF-SMART, and I consider them my partner in running my business. ”


Midwest Equipment
Distributor of Construction Equipment

“RF-SMART is faster than our previous solution and updates NetSuite instantaneously once the transaction is complete. That’s the beauty of actually being Built in NetSuite. Their team is also very helpful and quick to respond when we need them.”

“Training new users now takes less than 2 hours. Our employees like RF-SMART – we’ve never seen a more user-friendly system. Even our service technician prefers RF-SMART – he’s scanning instead of manually entering in serial numbers and then printing barcode labels for the items he refurbishes”


Distributor of Power and Control Equipment

“It was very impressive how quickly we went live with RF-SMART. It is so much easier and faster to configure. Everything about it is geared towards working with us, and not us having to adapt to a system.”

“RF-SMART has eliminated one of the biggest issues we were experiencing, and that is what to do with the items we receive. With RF-SMART, our employees now know at the time of receipt whether the items go on the shelf or if they’re going to staging. They know what action to take because RF-SMART prompts them via the handheld device.”

“RF-SMART keeps us on track and on schedule for doing regular stock counts. This never happened in the past. Employees are able to toggle between cycle counts and regular activities without affecting the accuracy of the cycle count, or the efficiency in the warehouse.”

Distributor and E-commerce store of Bar Products

“As an eCommerce company, you have to get the package to the customer in the quickest time with the least amount of errors. That was our #1 problem before RF-SMART.”

Now with RF-SMART, the overall shipping errors have decreased more than 50%. While volume is increasing by double digits, customer complaints have gone down by more than half. Warehouse staff are picking orders correctly, and more efficiently. In fact, they are now able to pick 30 orders in one pass, resulting in same day shipping.”