Sneak Peek: Version 2014 Release 2 – Ecommerce

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NetSuite Ecommerce

New B2B Customer Center for SuiteCommerce

With NetSuite Version 2014 Release 2, a new B2B Customer Center enables B2B merchants to deliver a seamless and efficient B2C-like online shopping experience and extends robust functionality for B2B buyers to view order status, details and history, track shipments, reorder goods, approve quotes, make payments, manage account information, request refunds and returns and more. Realize a rich commerce experience across all devices and touch points with:

New flexibility and customizability. B2B merchants gain greater control over customizing the portal, such as tailoring a customer’s experience through role-based permissions and delivering pixel-perfect design that promotes a business’s brand.

Billing and payments. B2B buyers now have flexible payment options, including paying single or multiple invoices, and can take advantage of discounts for paying early.

Product list management. A simple and intuitive product list feature enables buyers to create custom shopping lists to expedite recurring purchases.

Account management. Customizable dashboards give buyers a snapshot overview of outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit limits and memos, current terms and more. Buyers can also readily print statements, view transaction histories and update key account data.7-30-2014 10-44-17 AM

Reach new customers and markets while improving efficiency across the value chain. The B2B Customer Center sweetens the deal for sellers and buyers alike with capabilities to streamline the B2B commerce experience and move more business to the faster and more productive online channel. This functionality is available in the Reference My Account SuiteApp. Additional fees may apply for this feature.

Support for Shipping to Multiple Addresses

During peak shopping seasons, such as the holidays, customer orders often consist of multiple items that need to be shipped to different addresses. With NetSuite Version 2014 Release 2, shoppers will be able to select different addresses for shipment of individual items in a single order within the checkout experience. Shoppers can choose different shipping methods per shipment from the single order, enabling more control over when items will be received. Provide a more efficient, convenient and flexible checkout experience with the feature to ship to multiple addresses. This feature is expected to be available in the fall of 2014.

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