NetSuite eCommerce (SuiteCommerce) – A Complete Overview [Updated for 2021!]

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NetSuite eCommerce

NetSuite eCommerce (branded as SuiteCommerce) can be a complex topic as NetSuite is continuously expanding their offerings for customers that want to sell goods and services online while maintaining a single-source solution with NetSuite.

Our NewGen NetSuite consulting experts have dug into the details and prepared this NetSuite eCommerce complete guide. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed here that you’d like to see covered!

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Key Benefits of SuiteCommerce

Like with anything in the NetSuite space the core benefit of NetSuite eCommerce is the integration of your Ecommerce technology into your NetSuite ERP and NetSuite General Ledger.

Unify Operations With No Integrations

We know the true promise of NetSuite is to unify our business in one application.

For users that need an eCommerce storefront, SuiteCommerce allows them to fulfill that vision of having their eCommerce platform without needing to integrate anything to NetSuite.

Not needing an integration means there are no issues with missing orders or information flowing between the front-end shopping cart and the back end order management, operations, and fulfillment.

Customizable Storefronts

At the core of it, the SuiteCommerce storefront is just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, NetSuite grants complete source code control.

This means that in an experienced user’s hands (like NewGen’s), the SuiteCommerce experience can look any way you’d like it!

One System to Manage Multiple Storefronts

For companies that have multiple brands that need to be segregated in their own storefronts Netsuite eCommerce allows you to have multiple storefronts under the same account.

This allows you to run your brands under the same back-end fulfillment and order management processes but keep your online shopping experiences segregated.

Customer Self-Service

In 2021 there is no longer an option to not have customer self-service tools.

Customers expect that “Amazon-like experience” where they’re able to see current orders, past orders, order status, update their credit cards, view and pay open invoices, and more. SuiteCommerce allows you to have these self-service tools right out of the box and baked into your NetSuite system.

Integrated, Real-Time Inventory Management

NetSuite eCommerce shows its real power when using tools like real-time inventory management.

This allows your staff and your customers to see real-time inventory quantities in your eCommerce store.

Affiliate Management

SuiteCommerce integrates with NetSuite sales tools to allow you to pass affiliate links and affiliate codes with your purchases.

These affiliate partnerships can then be tracked with NetSuite CRM and sales tools so you can determine who are your best affiliate partners and referral sources.

Pricing and Promotions

SuiteCommerce also integrates with NetSuite’s SuitePromotions tool to allow for customers to use coupon codes and other rebates and have this information hit usage analytics and reporting in the back-end SuiteAnalytics reporting.

Check Out and Credit Card Processing

Websites built with SuiteCommerce include secure shopping cart functionality and integrated credit card processing with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance and fraud protection.

What’s the Typical Return on Investment (ROI) Case for SuiteCommerce?

Like with any business tool evaluation your ROI should be a major consideration in any choice you make.

Using an integrated eCommerce solution like SuiteCommerce can pay huge dividends for a company mainly because of how it integrates inventory information between the front and back ends.

With SuiteCommerce when you update your inventory levels in NetSuite that stock level reflects in SuiteCommerce immediately.

Not having to update two systems separately can be the difference between a customer placing a large order and not ordering anything because one of the products they want shows “Out of Stock”.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Product Comparisons

As of 2021, NetSuite offers three Ecommerce products – SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder, SuiteCommerce Standard, and SuiteCommerce Advanced. We’ve put together a quick comparison guide to help you make the best decision for our company.

If you need help from NetSuite experts with over 15 years of SuiteCommerce experience please reach out – we’re happy to advise.

A proper choice saves big money, time, and headache in the long run.

SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder Consulting

This is NetSuite’s original eCommerce package – while not as “turn-key” as NetSuite’s newer offerings it remains much more affordable and still incredibly robust and extensible in the right hands.

Full code-level access ensures that your business can have pixel-perfect control over the look and feel of your website.

The ability to add custom Suitelets to pages ensures you can design just about any business logic to interface between your front-end Ecommerce website and your backend NetSuite instance.

  • Price: $999 per month
  • Code-level access for complete web store customization and personalization
  • Fully responsive for mobile-ready shopping
  • Dynamic searching
  • Customizable checkout process (Scriptable Cart)
  • Multiple Storefront Ready
  • Full https security support

SuiteCommerce Standard

SuiteCommerce Consulting

Debuting at SuiteWorld 2018, SuiteCommerce Standard is NetSuite’s newest SuiteCommerce offering.

Overall it is very similar to SuiteCommerce Advanced just at a more affordable price point.

The big advantage of SuiteCommerce Standard is it allows for a more “turn-key” design process with drag and drop components for your storefront, much like a Wix or Squarespace website.

  • Price: $2,499 per month
  • Drag and drop builder for website and storefront pages
  • Pre-built templates
  • Fully responsive for mobile-ready shopping
  • Advanced searching with fuzzy matching and best-in-class Elasticsearch
  • Customizable checkout process (Scriptable Cart)
  • Multiple Storefront Ready
  • Full https security support
  • SEO automation and abandoned cart support with the integrated NetSuite Bronto Marketing platform
  • Faster loading and better performance with built-in CDN and auto file modification
  • Support for SPA (Single Page Application) to reduce loading times

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

SCA Consulting

This is NetSuite’s premier Ecommerce package.

The SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) solution is great for companies that do all of or a majority of their revenue through their Ecommerce channel (i.e. B2C Ecommerce brands and storefronts).

SCA has advanced tools to allow for things like personalized catalogs per customer, grid ordering, product lead time information, item badges to indicate things like bestsellers, size charts, and more.

  • Price: $4,999 per month
  • Code-level access for complete web store customization and personalization
  • Fully responsive for mobile-ready shopping
  • Advanced searching with fuzzy matching and best-in-class Elasticsearch
  • Customizable checkout process (Scriptable Cart)
  • Multiple Storefront Ready
  • Full https security support
  • SEO automation and abandoned cart support with the integrated NetSuite Bronto Marketing platform
  • Faster loading and better performance with built-in CDN and auto file minification
  • Support for SPA (Single Page Application) to reduce loading times

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Comparisons

SiteBuilder SuiteCommerce Standard SuiteCommerce Advanced
Full Source Code Access? Yes Yes Yes
Responsive and Mobile Device Ready? Yes Yes Yes
Searching Capabilities Standard Search Advanced Search with Elasticsearch Advanced Search with Elasticsearch
Can customize the checkout process? (Scriptable Cart) Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Storefront Ready? Yes Yes Yes
HTTPS Secure? Yes Yes Yes
Customer Self-Service Portal? Yes Yes Yes
Secure checkout with PCI compliant credit card processing? Yes Yes Yes
Merchandising Catalogue Integration No Yes Yes
SuitePromotions No Yes Yes
Built-in CDN & File Minification No Yes Yes

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Pricing


NetSuite SuiteCommerce packages have pricing from very affordable to a bit more premium – for price points see our comparison above.

Something that’s not often considered for NetSuite eCommerce projects is that arming yourself with a consulting and development team like NewGen – with 15 years of SuiteCommerce experience – can let you squeeze everything out of even the most affordable SuiteCommerce addon like SiteBuilder.

In fact – check out some of these live sites that we’ve done with SiteBuilder below! These are live sites taking in thousands of dollars of orders right now! Click around and notice how they all are:

  • Fast!
  • Responsive for mobile!
  • Fully stylable with HTML, CSS!
  • Have the capability to have custom Javascript tools incorporated into them!

NetSuite B2B Supplier Portal

Maltz Sales

NetSuite B2B Supplier Portal

Weems and Plath

NetSuite B2B Supplier Portal

Yamada America, Inc.

eCommerce platforms that integrate with NetSuite

As you might expect that the popularity of the NetSuite platform a lot of the major eCommerce Solutions integrated it with turn-key solutions, these include

NewGen has experience integrating NetSuite to all of these solutions with both boxed connectors as well as doing custom projects in the case that a customer has a unique requirement for their eCommerce integration.

If you need some assistance here please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information.

Which NetSuite eCommerce choice is best for my business?

If you’re already using NetSuite it makes the most sense to use the SuiteCommerce platform.

The biggest benefit of staying on the NetSuite platform with your eCommerce package is no need for integrations. Integration providers promise a lot but at the end of the day can still fail and require you to spend time troubleshooting them and disrupting the flow of your business.

Here are some major reasons people choose to use SuiteCommerce:

  • Direct Source Code Access
  • No Integrations
  • Perfect for B2B or B2C
  • A Robust Customer Portal

NetSuite eCommerce for B2B

For users that are looking to open an eCommerce portal for their B2B business – like a distributor or supplier portal for NetSuite – we recommend SiteBuilder.

The major reason we recommend SiteBuilder for B2B eCommerce portals is that it’s affordable and allows your customers to still see their transactions, invoices, quotes, cases, and profiles with complete integration into all of your records in NetSuite.

These types of organizations typically don’t do 100% of their business in the eCommerce channel so an investment in something like SuiteCommerce Standard or SCA doesn’t make as much sense.

One of NewGen’s areas of expertise is B2B portals built with SiteBuilder. We have turnkey solutions that allow you to choose a custom theme and can get you running in as little as 30 days! Make sure to check out some of our customer’s live sites above.

NetSuite eCommerce for B2C

For users that have major B2C channels, like companies in fashion and apparel, health and beauty, etc. – we recommend SuiteCommerce Standard or SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Companies that do most of their business through the eCommerce channel need an incredibly fast and responsive shopping cart – an extra second of loading time can make the difference between your customer checking out their cart or moving to a competitor.

B2C companies also make a lot of changes to their websites, graphics, products, and product categories. SuiteCommerce Standard and SCA allow for easy access to NetSuite’s back-end merchandising tools, matrix items with sizes/colors/etc., size charts, Omnichannel integrations with SuiteCommerce InStore, among others.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Experts and Consultants

Top NetSuite Consultant

As a NetSuite partner for over 15 years, NewGen is a NetSuite eCommerce partner that is ready to help you with the full scope of your SuiteCommerce needs.

From NetSuite evaluation to implementation, custom SuiteScripting and coding, business process, and optimization – NewGen is your one-stop-shop for your NetSuite needs.

With a reputation built on forging strong customer relationships, we aim to be an extension of your team for the long haul.

We have an entirely on-shore customer support team consisting of business analysts, developers, and CPAs, we have the in-house expertise needed to take your organization from “How do we do that?” to “What’s next?”. We help you maximize the value of your NetSuite system.

We’re easy to engage for any project with no long-term support agreements required. Use the forms around our website or – reach out if you’re ready to have a conversation about how we can help you!

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