Global CRM, Commerce and Services Management

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NetSuite OneWorld Allows Companies to Manage All Business Operations Globally AND Locally

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NetSuite realizes that while your back-office operations constitute the back bone of your business operations, there are three additional key areas which are equally critical to the success of your global business. These are the sales and marketing operations, commerce operations (B2B or B2C) and services resource management across your entire global organization.

[su_service title=”Global Customer Relationship Management” icon=”icon: angle-right” icon_color=”#428bca” size=”74″]NetSuite CRM gives you visibility into every aspect of your multinational sales organization, even with multiple languages and currencies—including quotas, forecasts and campaigns.[/su_service]
[su_service title=”Global Services Resources Planning” icon=”icon: angle-right” icon_color=”#428bca” size=”74″]With NetSuite OneWorld SRP, give your global services business end-to-end, real-time visibility from the corporate level to individual projects level paired with global financials, resource optimization and services management capabilities.[/su_service]
[su_service title=”Global Commerce Management” icon=”icon: angle-right” icon_color=”#428bca” size=”74″]You can manage inventory and fulfillment across multiple locations with product items represented globally or by each subsidiary.[/su_service]
[su_service title=”Unprecedented Worldwide Visibility into Operations” icon=”icon: angle-right” icon_color=”#428bca” size=”74″]Role-based dashboards and “drill-down everywhere” provide instant insight across the corporate hierarchy of subsidiaries.[/su_service]

Global Sales and Marketing

See country-by-country details into quota, forecasts and commission metrics in appropriate local currency with multi-language support and a global tax engine.

Global SRP

Complete projects more quickly, generate invoices accurately and efficiently, and decrease AR cycles, while improving cash flow and eliminating revenue leakage with NetSuite SRP.

Global Commerce

Run multi-store/multi-country/multi-site ecommerce with country-specific web stores and websites managed from a single NetSuite account with sales roll-up for global visibility.

Global CRM, Commerce and Services Management – NetSuite OneWorld

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