NetSuite Announces NetSuite SuiteAcademy

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Program Milestone, Reaching 25,000 Students Worldwide

New Features and Benefits Added to Program to Fuel Global Growth

NetSuite Inc., the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced the NetSuite SuiteAcademy Program, designed to train the business and IT leaders of tomorrow on NetSuite’s cloud business management platform via educational partnerships with leading universities and colleges worldwide, has reached more than 25,000 students across the U.S., Canada, the Philippines, Spain and Germany since the program’s inception in 2011. In addition, NetSuite today also unveiled a host of new program offerings to better enrich curriculum content making the program more attractive than ever to institutions, faculty and students. Since 2011, SuiteAcademy has partnered with the world’s leading educational institutions including Purdue University, UCLA, University of Texas at Austin, Arizona State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Waterloo in Canada, Far Eastern University in the Philippines and University of Lleida in Spain. These universities have adopted NetSuite as a key component of their accounting degree curricula.

“After 6 years as a professor of information systems, I am proud to bring an industry leading cloud ERP system to our classrooms. I have been absolutely thrilled with our involvement with NetSuite SuiteAcademy and think it works out marvelously well for our students,” said Gregory Dawson, Professor of Accounting Information Systems at Arizona State University. “Students get valuable hands-on experience with a great product that should help them in their future careers. It allows them to better understand what ERP is, how it works and what they need to pay attention to.”

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