Exhibit House Education Campaign – Part 10

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About the Certainty of Platform (a sound technology foundation).

Since we have been in the event and the business technology industry, we have always helped our clients win using Certainty of Platform

Let us explain in general terms:
Since business changes at the “speed of light”. He who responds the fastest and with the most accuracy is the winner!

Hybrid = Show or Project Centric +
Core = ERP foundation
Certainty of Platform = is a key contributor to how fast and well we can play the game.
Make sense?

Let’s Learn!
Typically, why THEY can’t play fast and well.

  • Servers, servers, who’s server? What server?
  • Patches, updates, versions, why wasn’t that update installed?
  • They put in the new version of the software, but the links are now broken to the CRM, the Accounting system and MS office 2015.32847 service release 5 or was it 6??
  • We have five different address files; how can we synchronize them.
  • The four fields we added on the form are gone, and so are our custom reports, all of that happened after the update.
  • We can’t work this way; we have to do manual entry into five different systems.
  • How much an hour to do that? Why can’t we do basic things ourselves?
  • Taxes have changed in five jurisdictions and don’t they know we have to charge tax for labor in that state?
  • Our APP is not PCI Compliant?
  • Why can’t we just flip a switch to change the screen from one language to another?
  • I just want to add one category lookup identifier, why do I have to call them to do it?
  • Why do our warehouse people have rights to our accounting data?
  • Why am I spending all this time doing these five things over and over?
    • Because we would have to spend money to have to have someone change the programming code to automate doing it

We lost everything! Why? We tried to move to fast…we should have asked.

Conversely how we, ConventionSuite, can move at a pretty good clip… playing well and fast!

  • Pure cloud based
  • Auto updates
  • One Application to eliminate Data-Redundancy
  • Technology that allows for preserving customization
  • Data Schemas well published allowing for easy power-user administration
  • Tax and security compliancy maintained.
  • Automated backup and Data rollback
  • Proper Role-based down to the field-based security
  • Visual drag & drop Task Automator
  • Multi-lingual and currency
  • Following industry standards in design, integration and reporting
  • Soap web services
  • Rest-based integrations
  • Embedded business analytics


As you can see; by understanding “Certainty of Platform” we have eliminated the reactiveness of chaos in our day-to-day operations – separating us from the “business as usual” types – or may we say the reactive majority vs. pro-active minority.

Let’s be innovative!
Innovation separates the leaders from the followers. Understanding that the best technology gives many companies in today’s ultra-competitive environment the foundation to use “best practices” in a way they could only of imagined a few short years ago.

By using the right platform – innovation comes easily.

Innovation comes in many forms, ask us for other ways our technology sets us apart!

Let’s Grow!
With its roots firmly planted on the #1 cloud-based ERP in the world NetSuite, ConventionSuite has a foundation that many organizations dream about.

NetSuite’s platform is used by 16,000 plus companies worldwide (multi-lingual/currency).

NetSuite’s power is derived from the fact it is a totally integrated business system. With that being said; NetSuite for the Convention/Event industry(ConventionSuite) was originally designed for the General Contractor, Show Management, and Exhibit House side of the business due to the strength of the integrated E-Commerce, but quickly branched into the Exhibitor appointed contractors and I & D side of the business due to NetSuite’s strong project tracking, inventory, fixed assets and scheduling functionality.

Let’s look!
NewGen Business Solutions is an expert in “open architecture” business process and we have an alternative for you! ConventionSuite. ConventionSuite is powered by the Hybrid+Core approach that’s built on the world’s #1 cloud ERP platform NetSuite.

SO —Let’s talk, so we can learn, innovate, look, grow and best of all – WIN!

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