Exhibit House Education Campaign – Part 1

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Certainty is important in any industry, so whether you are an exhibit house growing into the GC market place, or a general contractor growing into the EH market place, we have a solution for you!

The number of “stand alone solutions” in the Convention industry is mind blowing!

They are either:

  • written by your competitor
  • charging you by dollar transactions (penalizing your success)
  • as old as dirt
  • doing one fraction of what you need to be done

Everyone has them, we have heard all the stories.

Let’s learn!
About one application and database, which provides total integration and NO data redundancy.

That has:

  • Fixed year to year pricing
  • CRM * accounting * case management * project tracking * E-Commerce
  • Omnichannel allowing easy growth into your market segments
    • General contracting
    • Show management
    • Exhibit house
    • Venue management
    • I and D


Let’s be innovative!
With its roots firmly planted on the #1 cloud-based ERP in the world NetSuite, ConventionSuite has a foundation that many organizations dream about.

NetSuite’s platform is used by 16,000 plus companies worldwide (multi-lingual/currency).

NetSuite’s power is derived from the fact it is a totally integrated business system. With that being said; NetSuite for the Convention/Event industry (ConventionSuite) was originally designed for the General Contractor side of the business due to the strength of its integrated E-Commerce, but quickly branched out into the Show Management and Exhibit House sides of the business due to NetSuite’s strong project tracking functionality. Today the product has grown based on the needs of our “world class” clients into a fully functional “best of breed” business solution, that excels based on the innovative structure that it is built upon.

Innovation disrupts many industry’s see why and how that innovation can make a difference for your company, schedule a demonstration today.

Let’s Grow!
It is a proven fact that companies that use NetSuite grow three times faster than others that do not use the platform.

Let’s talk, so we can learn, innovate, grow and best of all – WIN!

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