Convention Centers & Venues – Part 3

Written by NewGen Solution Consulting

Written by NewGen Solution Consulting

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Let’s talk!
ConventionSuite was designed using a Hybrid+Core approach that is built on a leading cloud ERP platform, NetSuite.

A Hybrid+Core approach simply means the system was designed to be used in a show and/or project centric environment with the added capability of using ERP core components.

Convention centers and venues always seem to be striving to find a better way to serve our industry.

With that being said; A system that can serve as a hybrid model, that relates to the fact that your service model can be delivered by show and/or project centric methodologies will allow your organization to overcome the short comings of traditional industry standard software, then when we add core we quickly pick up the “specialized processes” that make your industry “your industry” by using highly customizable and reusable industry compliant ERP components.

Let’s Learn!
By using ConventionSuite’s Hybrid+Core approach, we always look at our Core plus “best practices of the industry”.

Hybrid- Best practices of the industry functionality built into the platform

  • Show-centric      – for General service contractors
  • Project-centric   – for Exhibit houses and Trade show managers
  • Hybrid mix          – for Convention centers and Venues

Core– NetSuite ERP Platform

  • Project tracking along with scheduling
  • HR skills and certification tracking
  • Sales CRM with Marketing Email Campaign Manager
  • Inventory and/or HR Location tracking
  • Inventory control/ RFID and bar coding
  • Bills of material (five levels deep) with travelers
  • Standard picking and packing integration (shipping)
  • Estimates, RFQ’s, fixed assets
  • Work orders
  • User defined – Graphical workflows
  • Full financial system with departmentalized or project related P and L’s

But, alternative views to the industry do exist for Convention centers and venues. Core can handle many of the C/V issues that Hybrid can’t address, with the strong functionality that already exists in our leading ERP.

  • Strong drag and point API’s (web services systems integrations) for POS and miscellaneous systems
  • Strong CRM scheduling for resources and bookings
  • Strong location management for inventory and resources
  • Strong Fixed asset integration for asset management location and tagging
  • Strong financial management system
  • Strong case management (help desk)

Let’s be innovative!
Innovation separates the leaders from the followers. Understanding that the best technology gives many companies in today’s ultra-competitive environment the foundation to use “best practices” in a way they could only of imagined a few short years ago.

By using the right platform – innovation comes easily.
Innovation comes in many forms, ask us for other ways our technology sets us apart!

Let’s Grow!
With its roots firmly planted on the #1 cloud-based ERP in the world NetSuite, ConventionSuite has a foundation that many organizations dream about.

NetSuite’s platform is used by 16,000 plus companies worldwide (multi-lingual/currency).

NetSuite’s power is derived from the fact it is a totally integrated business system. With that being said; NetSuite for the Convention/Event industry(ConventionSuite) was originally designed for the General Contractor, Show Management, and Exhibit House side of the business due to the strength of its integrated E-Commerce, but quickly branched into the Convention/Venue Exhibitor side of the business due to NetSuite’s strong API integration points, project tracking, inventory, fixed assets, logistics tracking and scheduling functionality.

Let’s look!
NewGen Business Solutions is an expert in “open architecture” business process and we have an alternative for you!  ConventionSuite. ConventionSuite is powered by Hybrid+Core approach architecture that’s built on the world’s #1 cloud ERP platform NetSuite.

SO —Let’s talk, so we can learn, innovate, look, grow and best of all – WIN!

Contact us if you would like to talk more on this subject!

Let us help you with that ERP to-do list

Reach out and let us show you all the ways NewGen is committed to your success.

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