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NetSuite Advanced Bill of Lading for Walmart

Integrate and create your Walmart BOLs directly from your NetSuite system

Key benefits

The NewGen Advanced Bill of Lading for Walmart enables you to automatically print a VICS-compliant Bill of Lading directly from NetSuite. Automatically generating a Bill of Lading will streamline your LTL/FTL shipping processes and enable your team to ship quicker and with less error versus having to import and/or key data in to multiple systems.

The solution allows you to create Walmart-approved Bill of Lading(s) (including Master Bill of Ladings, Sub Bill of Ladings and Bill of Lading Summary Pages) without having to leave NetSuite.


How It Works

Automation searches for orders matching an entered load number.  Users can decide if the shipment is for a single order shipment, multiple orders (with a single destination) or multiple orders with multiple destinations (requiring a Master BOL, Sub BOLs and a Supplement BOL Summary Page). Upon successful creation the completed BOL PDFs will be available for print and stored on the Item Fulfillment record.

Data elements supported include:


Shipment Level Data
  • Ship From Address
  • Ship To Address
  • Third-Party Billing Address
  • Bill of Lading #
  • PRO #
  • Carrier Name
  • Terms (Prepaid, Collect, Third-Party)
  • COD Amount
  • Special Instructions
  • Purchase Order No
  • Order No
  • Shipment Weight
  • Trailer No
  • Seal No(s)
  • SCAC
  • Signatures


Item Level Data
  • Handling Unit Qty
  • Handling Unit Type
  • Packaging Unit Qty
  • Item Weight
  • Item Dimensions
  • Commodity Description
  • Packaging Unit Type
  • Item Hazmat Identifier
  • Item NMFC #
  • Item Freight Class

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