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NetSuite Advanced Bill of Lading for R+L Carriers

Integrate and create your R+L Carriers BOLs directly from your NetSuite system

Key benefits

The NewGen Advanced Bill of Lading for R+L Carriers enables you to automatically print a VICS-compliant R+L Carriers Bill of Lading directly from NetSuite. Automatically generating a Bill of Lading will streamline your LTL/FTL shipping processes and enable your team to ship quicker and with less error versus having to import and/or key data in to multiple systems.

The solution integrates directly with R+L Carriers systems to enable you to Rate Quote, Calculate Transit Time, Print Labels and Generate your Bill of Lading without having to leave NetSuite.


How It Works

A button is added to the Item Fulfillment that, when clicked, will display a pop-up allowing you to populate information for your BOL, the system will also source information automatically from related records. When the BOL form is submitted it will submit the information to R+L Carriers systems to create the BOL. Upon successful creation the completed BOL PDF, Item Labels, the R+L BOL ID and R+L BOL WEB PRO # will be stored on the Item Fulfillment record.

Data elements supported include:


Shipment Level Data
  • Ship From Address
  • Ship To Address
  • Third-Party Billing Address
  • Bill of Lading #
  • PRO #
  • Carrier Name
  • Terms (Prepaid, Collect, Third-Party)
  • COD Amount
  • Special Instructions
  • Purchase Order No
  • Order No
  • Shipment Weight
  • Trailer No
  • Seal No(s)
  • SCAC
  • Signatures


Item Level Data
  • Handling Unit Qty
  • Handling Unit Type
  • Packaging Unit Qty
  • Item Weight
  • Item Dimensions
  • Commodity Description
  • Packaging Unit Type
  • Item Hazmat Identifier
  • Item NMFC #
  • Item Freight Class

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