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Naperville IL, There’s no denying that technology is growing and advancing every day. There’s also no denying that these technological advances affect every aspect of how a business is run from marketing to communications, from research to product development and everywhere in between.

John Burton, President of Echo Design Group, has watched the evolution of technology firsthand. “[A company’s] biggest marketing tool used to be its brochure, and now the biggest marketing tool is the website, for sure. They google you. They find you.”

Burton formed Echo Design Group about 20 years ago just as the Internet was being ushered in. The company solely began as a graphic design firm, but as technology and clients’ needs evolved, so has Echo Design Group. Over the years it has grown from a strictly design firm to a technology firm that works with about 80 percent web development and 20 percent design. Burton said that most clients are “looking for websites they can control themselves, so they can update their sites on a regular basis without having to know code.” However, Burton said, “That certainly doesn’t mean that website design has become less important. You can have the greatest technology in the world, the greatest website in the world, but design is still at the center of it. A lot of companies can do the bells and whistles of the tech but they can’t grasp the design.”

Rick Kostopoulos, owner and President of NewGen Business Solutions, Inc., has also watched the technological age take over the business world. NewGen Business Solutions, Inc. is a business process technology company. “In other words,” Kostopoulos said, “we help companies put business software in place to help them track their Accounting/Sales/Ecommerce transactions.”

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