SuiteWorld 2016 Executive Session – Modern Finance

Modern finance leaders employ their operational and analytical expertise to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency. Cloud-based financial systems are the must-have technology to support rapid growth, business transformation, or even the path to an initial public offering (IPO). High-growth businesses need modern financial solutions that are scalable, adaptable and meet the tough reporting and […]

SuiteWorld 2016 Executive Session – Making it Manufacturing

Manufacturing is changing – fast! Disruptive innovations are converging – including new materials, processes, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud based systems, making it difficult for manufacturers to keep pace, stay competitive and differentiate themselves. Watch this session, “Making the Move: Manufacturing Thrives in the Cloud,” as we examine the market forces, trends and challenges […]

Netsuite NOW June/July 2016

NetSuite Now is a video series for NetSuite employees to stay connected to everything NetSuite. The June 2016 episode highlights SuiteWorld16, NetSuite’s biggest event of the year for NetSuite customers and partners. Joel on the Street returns with our own “SuiteStanley.” NetSuite NOW June/July 2016 – YouTube

NetSuite Customer Spotlight – Snapchat

With 100 million daily users and over 10 billion videos viewed every day, NetSuite customer, Snapchat, relies on real-time information to make critical business decisions. Watch Snapchat’s Chief Strategy Officer, Imran Khan, discuss the Snapchat business and the importance of systems like NetSuite. NetSuite Customer Spotlight – Snapchat – YouTube

SuiteWorld 2016 Nonprofit Industry Keynote

“Social Impact, Accelerated: How Your Nonprofit’s Back Office Can Change The World” is presented by Harish Mohan, VP, Solution Consulting and David Geilhufe, Sr. Director, Nonprofit Vertical, of NetSuite. This keynote address also features presentations from NetSuite nonprofit customers including the Found Animals Foundation and Helen Keller International. SuiteWorld 2016 Nonprofit Industry Keynote – YouTube

SuiteWorld 2016 Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Industry Keynote

“Building the Future: Delivering Competitive Advantage for the Modern Product Company” is presented by NetSuite Executives Jim McGeever, President and COO, and Paul Farrell, SVP, Product Marketing. They are joined by a host of distribution and manufacturing experts and customers including Specialty Bakery, EPEC, Akustica, Shaw Industries, MES, Qardio, and S-One Holdings. SuiteWorld 2016 Manufacturing […]

SuiteWorld 2016 Software Industry Keynote

“From Startup to Global Enterprise: Unlocking Your Software Company’s Full Potential” is presented by NetSuite Executives Evan Goldberg, Founder, CTO and Chairman of the Board and Ron Gill, Chief Financial Officer. They are joined by NetSuite product experts as well as representatives from NetSuite software industry customers including Anaplan, Docusign, Genesys and Google. SuiteWorld 2016 […]

SuiteWorld 2016 Service Based Industries Keynote

“Best Outcomes: Empowering Your Firm for Excellence Amid Change” is presented by NetSuite Executives Jason Maynard, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, and Gary Wiessinger, Executive Vice President, Product Management. They are joined by NetSuite product experts as well as representatives from NetSuite customers in service based industries including Augentius, GuidePoint Security, Advanced […]

SuiteWorld 2016 Executive Keynote 1 – The Last Computing Architecture

In this executive keynote session from SuiteWorld 2016, CEO Zach Nelson and President Jim McGeever explain why the cloud is the last computing architecture and are joined by NetSuite customers including Hyperloop, Daqri, Snapchat, Maclaren Baby, Aspect Software, Ricardo Perez and Cisco. SuiteWorld 2016 Executive Keynote 1 – The Last Computing Architecture – YouTube

SuiteWorld 2016 Executive Keynote 2 – To Boldy Go…

Join Evan Goldberg, Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chairman of the Board, at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2016 conference for an in-depth look at the NetSuite product including new product announcements and features. During this presentation, Evan is joined by NetSuite partners including Anaplan, FloDocs, and Clutch as well as other NetSuite product experts. SuiteWorld 2016 Executive […]