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Products affected - Sage 100 Description Signs of infection by the LeChiffre file-encrypting ransomware virus affecting the Sage 100 program and data files: Error: "Unable to create session object" when starting Sage 100 Files in the "..\MAS90" director and sub-folders have "LeChiffre" added to the end of the file as an extension Examples: GL_Bank.M4T becomes GL_Bank.M4T.LeChiffre PVX.Apserv.Log become PVX.Apserv.Log.LeChiffre CI_Password.M4L becomes CI_Password.M4L.LeChiffre CI_Account_Val.pvc become CI_Account_Val.pvc.LeChiffre SY1Q01.soa becomes SY1Q01.soa.LeChiffre Paperless Office PDF files may be affected as well. Files _help to decode LeChiffre...