What is Demand Planning?


Demand planning helps businesses predict and meet customer demand by analyzing current sales as well as consumer trends, historical sales, seasonality data and a product’s natural lifecycle. Effective demand planning delivers both profit and customer satisfaction by helping businesses create ideal inventory levels, shipping timelines and all the steps needed to meet demand. What is […]

What Is Supply Chain Analytics?


Supply chain analytics is the analysis of information companies draw from procurement, inventory management, order management, warehouse management, fulfillment and transportation management. This information helps business leaders improve supply chain logistics to resolve inefficiencies and give businesses a competitive edge. What Is Supply Chain Analytics? – YouTube

What is Order Management?


Order management includes all the processes involved in taking, receiving, tracking and fulfilling a customer order. The process starts once an order is placed and continues as the merchant receives, accepts and fulfills the order. This includes picking, packing and shipping the order, tracking the order until it reaches the final destination, and then fulfilling […]

What is NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (NetSuite CRM)?


NetSuite customer relationship management (NetSuite CRM) is a centralized repository of real-time customer information and data that’s seamlessly integrated with the rest of NetSuite. It provides visibility across the entire customer lifecycle—from lead all the way through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support. In addition to offering traditional CRM capabilities (such as […]

What is Supply Chain Planning (SCP)?


Supply chain planning (SCP) helps businesses ensure there’s enough product on hand to meet customer demand in the most efficient way possible. SCP uses forecasting, pricing strategy and inventory management techniques to identify raw materials and components that need to be purchased from suppliers as well as establish an optimized roadmap around production, fulfillment and […]

Financial Automation & Real-Time Business Insights Help DeNA Level Up


Founded in 1999, DeNA has grown rapidly over the past two decades. Today, it designs mobile games, free-to-play mobile apps and browser games. It also operates and develops a range of products and services, including ecommerce websites, entertainment content distribution and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. As DeNA grew and moved into new markets across Asia-Pacific, […]

What is Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation)?


Automating accounts payable makes this time-consuming process more efficient and accurate. What’s not to like? By reducing the amount of manual tasks associated with accounts payable–like receiving invoices, coding them, routing them for approval, payment and reconciliation–AP automation helps businesses improve relationships with suppliers and partners, while saving time and money, reducing days sales outstanding […]

What is Cash Flow Analysis?


A cash flow analysis correlates line items across operating, investing and financing activities to create a cash flow statement that records how cash is coming in and how cash is going out. Organizations use this to review and analyze the current state of business, spotting trends and making adjustments where necessary. What is Cash Flow […]

Accounts Payable (AP) vs Accounts Receivable (AR)


Accounts payable (or AP) represents the amount of money a business owes to creditors and suppliers. Accounts receivable (or AR) is the amount of money owed to a company from creditors, such as customers, distributors and partners. AP is recorded as a liability on a company’s balance sheet, while AR is recorded as an asset. […]

What is ABC Inventory Analysis?


ABC inventory analysis is an inventory management technique that classifies inventory items based on their value to the business, using a ranking system that incorporates demand, cost and risk data. Inventory managers then group items into classes based on that criteria to help refine operational processes and ultimately help businesses more easily control working capital […]