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There's a reason why more than 200 high-growth companies and organizations trust NewGen to be their full-service NetSuite support partner. NewGen's thought-out approach to client management has proven to be a winning and award-winning strategy. Let us show you why.


12 years experience, many awards logged and a penchant for problem solving

We combine 25+ years of business solutions and technology experience, multi-industry business acumen and top rated technologies to transform your business for what’s next.

Our full-service, on-shore staff exceeds all expectations in technology selection consultation, implementation, optimization, custom solutions development and scripting, support services and more.

By using cutting-edge technologies, our consultants and programmers hone their skills and stay aligned with modern trends. We can help align you to the right products to build your business on.

We're an extension of your team

We're local. All of us.

We focus on client partnership - not new sales


Your full-service NetSuite Partner

Expert Guidance for Transforming Your Business

NetSuite Evaluation

Trying to understand if NetSuite is right for your business? NewGen can help you dissect your current processes and match them up against areas where NetSuite can help you reach the next level.

NetSuite Implementation

Looking for a long term support partner to help you get implemented on NetSuite? We have a team of business process, accounting and technology experts that are well versed in your industry. We have success starting and finishing implementations as well as recovering and rescuing implementations that have stalled or hit issues.

NetSuite Support

Don't have the resources, dollars of staff to brace the day-to-day administrative support needs of your organization? Utilize our team of experts on a case-by-case, phone, email and chat basis.

NetSuite Optimization & Development

Comfortably on NetSuite and ready to take your system to the next level? We have a in-house team of business process analytics and NetSuite and NetSuite SuiteCommerce developers with hundreds of unique projects under their belts across all industries. Let our experience enable your business with new NetSuite tools to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

NetSuite Managed Services

Searching for a support program that takes the guesswork out of how to better utilize your NetSuite solution? NewGen's Concierge Support managed services program gives you a dedicated team of business analysts for both day-to-day support as well as proactive consulting and optimization services.

You rolled out NetSuite a year ago.

Now What?

What should you do now to maximize your investment?
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NetSuite Evaluation

Considering NetSuite? Let us give you a personalized look at the #1 Cloud ERP

There are many reasons why NetSuite is trusted by over 40,000 organizations worldwide and still growing. Explore the ways NewGen can help you see the ways NetSuite can help your business grow and scale!

NetSuite Implementation

A thought-out and battle-tested approach

Our NetSuite Implementation experts not only understand NetSuite but they have experience how customers best use the system within your industry. We are the business process, accounting and software experts you need rolled in to one team.

Our Implementation Stages


The purpose of the kickoff is to establish the Project Team on both sides and review the implementation process. NewGen brings leading practices to the table and merges those will unique requirements of your organization to ensure the solution is right-fit for you organization while ensuring you reap new-found benefits of the platform. At kickoff we'll review the scope and phases of the project so that the team understands the deployment roadmap.


As part of your implementation methodology we host what we call Personalization Sessions. The objective of these sessions is to introduce your team to leading practices we've learned over our years of experience with specific requirements from your key business process owners. We'll use these sessions to gather key success metrics and details needed to complete the configuration.


With NetSuite being an open platform we have the capacity to integrate any other cloud or on-premise application, homegrown or otherwise with the system. During the configuration phase of implementation we will ensure that systems to be integrated to are talking to NetSuite and fitting in to NetSuite processes in the proper ways.


Once the configuration phase of the project has been completed we will perform data migration from legacy systems. This process includes extracting from legacy systems and mapping to the appropriate NetSuite fields. Our team are experts in the NetSuite data structure and can adapt the NetSuite system to fit around your data structure and hierarchies.


As part of our journey to Go-Live we review NetSuite business processes with your key stakeholders in what we call our Walkthrough sessions. These sessions give your stakeholders an opportunity to learn the NetSuite approach to a key process as well as provide feedback on workflow, fields and screens so our team can continue to tweak the system to fit your unique business. We also provide classroom or remote training sessions as well as written process guides and pre-recorded training videos.


Together our combined team of project stakeholders will work towards a planned Go-Live and Cutover date. Just prior to this date we will ensure that any final data migrations, configuration tweaks and end-user questions are addressed within the production system.


The beauty of an implementation with NewGen really starts to shine once we've gone live as you now have a system optimization partner who completely understands your business on NetSuite. Post-implementation we will discuss future goals of the organization and continue to optimize and refine your business on NetSuite can you can utilize all of the tools around reporting, dashboarding, alerting and automation.

Implementation Rescue & Recovery

Whether it’s a new NetSuite implementation or something already started that has gone a bit off of the rails – we have a track record of seeing our projects through to success.  Get in contact and let’s discuss how we can get you back on track. 

NetSuite Support & Administration

Immediate answers for your "How Do I?" questions

With 12 years of NetSuite experience NewGen has the answers to the NetSuite questions that arise on a day-to-day basis.

Instead of opting for an overseas support queue, enable your organization with immediate response in line with rapid Help Desk support SLAs. Additionally, keep your team running lean by allowing us to fill a gap in your internal IT resources. 

NetSuite Support & Maintenance Services

Help desk and user assistance

Ongoing administration

System monitoring

Bug fixing and issue management

With NewGen you can avoid the issue of having to assign NetSuite support and administration issues to an already overburdened IT expert – or even incurring the salary of having an in-house pro. Utilize our vast experience in background to augment your team just when you need it!

NetSuite Optimization & Development

Let's push the limits

Modern business tools are extremely flexible and it’s for this reason that many organizations are under-utilizing the capabilities of their systems.

Engage with NewGen and we’ll help you unlock the true potential of your NetSuite investment and enable your team a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Explore our team's deep proficiencies

We configure with custom objects, fields and records with SuiteBuilder

We build custom e-Commerce and web experiences with SuiteCommerce

We embed business rules and automate process with SuiteFlow

We enable bulk processing of data with SuiteScript 2.0

We build imbedded apps just for you with custom Suitelets

We design custom reports and dashboards

We create personalized transaction forms and email templates

We integrate NetSuite to third-party systems

While no two businesses face the same challenges, in our 12 years of NetSuite experience we’ve seen some common areas in which we can take you to the next level.

NetSuite Managed Services

Is a NetSuite Managed Services Package right for your organization?

Business systems are more powerful, efficient but more complicated than ever. With evolution in user experience and cloud-technology, applications undoubtedly feel more “user friendly” in their day-to-day use but on the back-end still require considerable technical skill and experience to manage their support and maximize their function.

Introducing NetSuite Concierge Support by NewGen, delivered on our "Four Pillars"

Recovery & Stabilization

When you implement a change to your system it creates reverberating effects within the application. We solve issues with past system changes regardless if the change was done by your team or by a previous partner.

New Release Utilization

Utilizing new release features can reap huge benefits for your organization. We inform you of new features, coach you on how to best use them and ensure that when the new release features go live they'll run without a hitch.

Solution Optimization

Optimization is the most important and core pillar of the offering. If you are thinking of a new initiative, investigating some new processes or responding to business changes we're here to help.

Annual Review

The annual review provides our customers with a forum to ensure that our teams are aligned on your business, your direction and it's utilization of the NetSuite solution.

These applications are what you’ve built your business on – they manage everything and have the capacity to cost you big or reap you huge benefits depending on how they are managed. 

How can we help you?

If you’re ready to find out how NewGen can help you drive better business, let’s talk.