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Run your entire business with a unified view across the enterprise, the ability to customize anything to support your specific needs and real-time reports and dashboards that provide increased visibility for better decision making - all at a price affordable to small and large companies alike.


Why choose NetSuite?


With features around ERP, CRM, Project Management and integrated eCommerce you can paint a complete and integrated picture of your entire organization. An integrated system means improved operational processes across your business.


Delivered via the Cloud and requiring no hardware purchase or set up. NetSuite deployment utilizes Leading Practices for solutions delivery and can be deployed in as little as 100 days.


Never worry again about incomplete data. Your teams will gain the competitive advantage of having complete visibility of all their business data in one place and utilize it within real-time dashboards, reports and alerting.


Your business evolves over time, so should your solution. Customize any screen, field, tab at any time and build views unique to a role or user’s needs. Thanks to NetSuite’s design these changes are immune to version lock as new versions are released. 


Cloud-based means you can access your business data and full suite of business applications from anywhere at anytime – whether it’s on a desktop, through a mobile browser or on a tablet. 


With NetSuite you will always be on the most up-to-date version so you will never miss our on the latest new features and enhancements. NetSuite is designed so the customizations you do on the platform are separate from the core application so you never risk version lock.


Why NewGen? We know ERP.

We combine 25+ years of business solutions and technology experience, multi-industry business acumen and top rated technologies to transform your business for what’s next.

Our full-service, on-shore staff exceeds all expectations in technology selection consultation, implementation, optimization, custom solutions development and scripting, support services and more.

By using cutting-edge technologies, our consultants and programmers hone their skills and stay aligned with modern trends. We can help align you to the right products to build your business on.

Delivering outstanding client service for 25 + years

Trusted advisor to 300+ organizations and growing

Full-service staff with breadth of experience in all industries

Recognized and awarded leader in system support

Staff with official NetSuite and Sage certifications

Serves businesses both large and small

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