Four Ecommerce Design Mandates for Keeping Your Site Fresh

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Fashions change every year and designers can’t expect to satisfy fashion-conscious consumers with a rehash of last year’s creations. Web design is also rapidly changing and online retailers who don’t update their web stores regularly will have a hard time attracting and keeping customers. Without a regular site redesign, your site risks looking old-fashioned, awkward or, worst case, impoverished.

When you do spend the time and money to renovate your ecommerce site, be sure to consider these four important design mandates.

Responsive Design. The old way of supporting mobile visitors was to create special sites just for them. Unfortunately, those sites were often bare bones, poorly designed and lacked the functionality of the desktop version. They didn’t always get updated when the main site did. With so many devices on the market today, most web designers are moving to responsive, or adaptive, design. Responsive design allows a web master to create rules for how content should be displayed for different screen sizes. That ensures the content and product information is always consistent and an update to the main site is an update for all.

Shareable Content. Designers must accept the fact that website content isn’t going to stay only on the site. It’s going to be shared on social media, texted, tweeted, emailed and passed from person to person. If you don’t identify your content correctly, product images and information may not match, or not be visible. Make sure important content is tagged, machine readable, and can be reassembled correctly on other formats.

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