Roaring 20’s

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Comparing “The Roaring 20’s” in the 20th century to the “The Roaring 20’s” in the 21st century Is like comparing a “typewriter to a word processor,” an “abacus to a computer,” a “taxi to an uber,” a “registration line to a kiosk…” well anyway — you get the point!

One thing we should all understand is — Roaring is RELATIVE to our place in time- isn’t it?

All indicators point to a ROBUST DECADE ahead. Are you ready to ROAR?

Oh, how we all long for the relativity of simple things:

  • No multiple systems, synchronizations, backups, and little or no internal IT infrastructure to maintain
  • One System for Sales Estimates/Calls –all the way to a General Ledger transaction
  • Open Architecture in the cloud from a technology leader for MY industry.

Let’s Learn!
Welcome to the “Roaring 20’s” of the 21st century where learning is not just an option; learning is about survival.

Let’s ROAR and Learn!
Roaring can only happen when “relativity in time” translates into “proactivity in the work-place.” You can’t be proactive with systems that are reactive in nature you are merely a non-roaring, reactive workplace. (Pretty deep huh?)

No, really, we have talked about Pro-active vs. Reactive or Roaring vs. Non-Roaring before— IT MATTERS.

Let’s ROAR and Innovate!
Innovation is about Roaring without making too many missteps, but think about it –really.

  • One System in the cloud built on the number one ERP cloud in the world, NetSuite, and presented to you by someone that specializes in your industry — NewGen Business Solutions (ConventionSuite). It will limit the number of mistakes you can make — won’t it?
  • Also remember how we discussed Hybrid+Core (Project or Show Centric plus an ERP Core) – this allows for future growth.
  • So, remember, innovation separates the leaders from the followers. Understand that the best technology gives many companies in today’s ultra-competitive environment the foundation to use “best practices” in a way they could only imagine a few short years ago. 

By using the right platform, innovation comes easily. Innovation comes in many forms, ask us about other ways our technology sets us apart!

Let’s Roaringly Grow!
With its roots firmly planted on the #1 cloud-based ERP in the world, NetSuite, ConventionSuite has a foundation that many organizations dream about. NetSuite’s platform is used by over 16,000 companies worldwide (multi-lingual/currency).

NetSuite’s power derives from it being a totally integrated business system. With that being said, NetSuite for the Convention/Event industry (ConventionSuite) was originally designed for the General Contractor, Show Management, and Exhibit House side of the business due to the strength of the integrated E-Commerce. It has quickly branched into the Venue and I & D side of the business because of NetSuite’s strong project tracking, inventory, fixed assets and scheduling functionality.

Let’s look and then Roar!
NewGen Business Solutions is an expert in “open architecture” business process and we have an alternative for you! ConventionSuite. ConventionSuite is powered by the Hybrid+Core approach that’s built on the world’s #1 cloud ERP platform, NetSuite.

SO —Let’s talk, so we can learn, innovate, look, grow and best of allRoaringly WIN!

Now let’s all do the Charleston!

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