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The stars are aligning. Back in the day, I remember installing Novell Networks and then preceding to load five different business applications on a server – an accounting package, a CRM, a case-management system, and industry-specific application, and some kind of “office package”. Ah, the days of disjointed data. The first thing a client would ask after we tried to pull together all their disjointed data was “When is the Pentium 3 server coming out? This is slow.” How Depressing was that? Very!
Disjointed data and speed have always been an issue until now.
The stars indeed have aligned!

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Remember we/I have waited decades for 5G speeds along with one application in the cloud. Please appreciate the fact there is truly no need to move bad data at the speed of light! So, so counterproductive. Fully non-redundant Big data stored in the cloud and accessed wirelessly is an unbelievable competitive advantage!

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I know, I know — here we go again.

ConventionSuite = Hybrid + ERP Core now moving at the speed of light! It was fast before. but now…. wow!

The stars have truly aligned!

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With its roots firmly planted on the #1 cloud-based ERP in the world, NetSuite, ConventionSuite has a foundation that many organizations dream about.

NetSuite’s platform is used by over 16,000 companies worldwide (multi-lingual/currency).

NetSuite’s power is derived from the fact it is a totally integrated business system. With that being said, NetSuite for the Convention/Event industry (ConventionSuite) was originally designed for the General Contractor, Show Management, and Exhibit House side of the business due to the strength of the integrated E-Commerce. It quickly branched into the Venue and I & D side of the business due to NetSuite’s strong project tracking, inventory, fixed assets, and scheduling functionality.

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NewGen Business Solutions is an expert in the “open architecture” business process and we have an alternative for you! ConventionSuite. ConventionSuite is powered by the Hybrid+Core approach that’s built on the world’s #1 cloud ERP platform NetSuite.

SO —Let’s talk so we can learn, innovate, look, grow and best of all WIN faster!

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