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NetSuite Base Price History Tracking

Add internal controls and an audit trail for NetSuite item pricing changes

Key benefits

The NewGen NetSuite Base Price History Tracking adds functionality for tracking changes made to an items base price. This feature allows organizes to meet compliance requirements or provide an additional layer of security and assurance around item pricing internal controls.


How It Works

When a change is made to base sale prices on an item a pop-up is displayed where the user provides  confirmation and a reason in order allow the change. Upon save of the item record a record of the change, including old price, new price, date, reason, and the user whom committed the change, will be created an attached to the item record and will act as a history of when prices were changed, by whom, and why.

The functionality also has a settings record which allows users to define whether the functionality is currently enabled, and which roles have access to editing item base prices.

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