Airbase Essentials (Free).

There is free, and then there is Airbase Essentials free. Free corporate cards, bill payments, and reimbursements, all built on the most comprehensive, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use spend management platform. All with an incredible 2.2% cash back on pre-funded cards or 1.6% on charge cards.

Your company needs easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solutions. Airbase Essentials (Free) is just that, with free access to our consolidated platform and options to use just one product — like corporate cards — to get started. Get a clean set-up with a solution that will scale with your company so you won’t have to continually replace your tech stack as you grow. And earn market-leading cash back on every dollar spent, across every category — no strings.     


Perfect for early-stage companies. Typically up to 100 Employees.

Support employee spend, get vendors paid on time, and access timely reporting. 


Best for small to mid-market companies. Typically 100 – 500 employees.

Improve efficiency, gain better visibility and control over spend, and support remote teams.

Get all the benefits of a platform solution with Airbase Essentials (Free).


Specifics of the Essentials package include:

Base Platform

Integration with GL of choice: NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero.

Microsoft Office 365, Google, Okta Single Sign-on. 




Corporate Cards

Pre-funded cards with 2.25% cash back.

Charge cards with 1.75% cash back

airbase credit card

Bill Payments

Airbase Dashboard


airbase reimbursements