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"Building the Future: Delivering Competitive Advantage for the Modern Product Company" is presented by NetSuite Executives Jim McGeever, President and COO, and Paul Farrell, SVP, Product Marketing. They are joined by a host of distribution and manufacturing experts and customers including Specialty Bakery, EPEC, Akustica, Shaw Industries, MES, Qardio, and S-One Holdings. [embed][/embed] SuiteWorld 2016 Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Industry Keynote - YouTube...

In this executive keynote session from SuiteWorld 2016, CEO Zach Nelson and President Jim McGeever explain why the cloud is the last computing architecture and are joined by NetSuite customers including Hyperloop, Daqri, Snapchat, Maclaren Baby, Aspect Software, Ricardo Perez and Cisco. [embed][/embed] SuiteWorld 2016 Executive Keynote 1 - The Last Computing Architecture - YouTube...

"The Retailer's Blueprint for Success: Enabling Great Customer Experiences" is presented by NetSuite Executives Andy Lloyd, GM, Commerce Products and Branden Jenkins, GM, Retail Vertical. This keynote presentation also features presentations from NetSuite retail customers including Wingtip, Prospect Brands, and Hammitt. [embed][/embed] SuiteWorld 2016 Retail Industry Keynote - YouTube...

Watch NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson's keynote "The Next Disruption: Collision of Product and Services Business" to examine how companies are harnessing the NetSuite cloud to innovate and transform operations. At SuiteConnect Sydney, 28 October. [embed][/embed] NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson SuiteConnect Sydney 2014 Keynote - YouTube...