How To: Create Advanced Saved Searches


A step by step guide to creating and running common saved searches specific to the campus store bundle. How To: Create Advanced Saved Searches – YouTube

NetSuite Customer Story – DTI Digital


DTI Digital is a software developer in Brazil that accelerates their customers’ digital transformation. Faced with the challenge to keep growing , they chose NetSuite to support their expansion process. Find out how NetSuite’s flexibility and ease of customization enabled DTI Digital’s continuous growth while maintaining their successful culture and work methodologies. NetSuite Customer Story […]

Toad&Co Leads in Sustainable Clothing Without Tripling Time & Effort


Toad&Co is an outdoor clothing brand that’s set out to make a difference in the world by helping the planet with sustainable practices while simultaneously helping people by closing the employment gap for adults with disabilities. Find out how NetSuite is helping Toad&Co improve efficiencies, and thereby, allowing the company to focus on its important […]

The Second City Is Bringing More Laughter to More People


The Second City is one of the most iconic theaters of all time—a title that extends beyond improvisation. They’ve grown their business substantially through classes, B2B offerings, events and more. But even with all the laughter in the world, The Second City couldn’t grow without the right business processes in place. Watch the video above […]

How Steiner Sports Manages Over 2,000 Athletes & $20 Million of Inventory


Steiner Sports is a two-part sports marketing corporation utilizing the power of sports and experiences to help companies grow, while simultaneously maintaining the title as the leading producer of authentic, hand-signed collectibles. Learn how the company outgrew the “Frankenstein-like” patching of their former systems and implemented NetSuite to overcome those challenges, connect the two lines […]

SuiteConnect West 2018 Keynote


Watch the keynote at SuiteConnect West featuring speakers: Evan Goldberg, EVP Development, Oracle NetSuite Christine Bates, Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain, Sugar Bowl Bakery Jennifer Cabalquinto, CFO, Golden State Warriors Pamela Yanchik Connealy, CFO & Global Head of Operations, Kiva Mark Goode, President, DSI SuiteConnect West 2018 Keynote – YouTube

How Can Wholesale Distributors Compete with Amazon Business?


Businesses need to have closeness Amazon can’t provide. They don’t have on the ground sales, they don’t understand customers in the same way Wholesale Distributors do. However what technology can provide is ability to be flexible, adaptable. Technologies that give the insights you need is a powerful antidote to Amazon threat. How Can Wholesale Distributors […]

4 steps for surviving the Amazon effect


Wholesale Distributors have a choice they can either work with Amazon or form an alliance. In both scenarios they need to invest in technologies like ERP and e-commerce – It will enable these companies to be more agile more innovative and deliver great customer experience. 4 steps for surviving the Amazon effect – YouTube

NetSuite Story: Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm


Gawad Kalinga, a social enterprise dedicated to eradicating poverty shares how a software donation and pro bono services from NetSuite has enabled them to organize their operations and focus on building a better future for low income communities. NetSuite Story: Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm – YouTube