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Empowering growing companies to reach beyond the limitations of QuickBooks

With our digitally focused world, it’s imperative for growing companies to have business solutions that meet their needs and fight the “hairball” of unreliable spreadsheets caused by aging systems. Quicker integrations and less-manual data entry are key for these fast-growing companies, especially when asking big questions like “How do we take advantage of modern technologies without overloading the business with cost?”

Whether that is ensuring that what sales knows as a ‘customer’ is mirrored in what finance understands, or being able to track the progress of customer orders from receipt through to cash, growing companies have had a remarkably difficult time finding business application solutions that can meet their needs in an affordable manner.

Very often, growing companies have been faced with relying upon a hairball of dangerously unreliable spreadsheets that support aging accounting systems. Many are faced with the default option of being constrained by using solutions that were built for a different time, where the accounting system of record was all that mattered and where systems were for limited computing capability. The relatively low cost of maintaining those systems masks the cost of inefficiencies in routine tasks like the monthly close or, more importantly, the dissemination of reliable management information upon which business decisions can be confidently taken in a fast paced environment. Find answers to questions like:

  • How do we take advantage of modern technologies without overloading the business with cost?
  • Can modern systems free up information producers to become decision advisors to the wider business?
  • Who can we trust to provide a platform for growth that extends well beyond the back-office?
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