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Our team of NetSuite ERP Certified Consultants and NetSuite Certified SuiteCloud Developers support all phases of system development – from implementation and integration – to system customization and optimization. We make sure that your company’s NetSuite works as efficiently as possible.

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As your NetSuite consultant, you get the convenience of working with one dedicated team, from implementation to module upgrades and everything in between.

Once we learn your company’s goals and requirements, we can easily help you devise a strategy for technical planning that you can implement to achieve your business goals.  

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NetSuite ERP Modules

What Are NetSuite ERP System Modules?

Each ERP module is designed for specific business functions, providing the data and supporting the processes that will help those employees do their jobs.

Product Features For Transportation & Logistics NetSuite


The finance and accounting module is the most important ERP module because it allows businesses to understand their current financial state and future outlook. Key features of this module include tracking accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) and managing the general ledger. It also creates and stores crucial financial documents like balance sheets, payment receipts and tax statements.

Procurement NetSuite ERP Module


The procurement module, also known as the purchasing module, helps an organization secure the materials or products it needs to manufacture and/or sell goods. Companies can keep a list of approved vendors in this module and tie those suppliers to certain items, helping with supplier relationship management. The module can automate requests for a quote, then track and analyze the quotes that come in.

inventory management NetSuite ERP Module

Inventory Management

This module offers a complete picture of not only current but also incoming inventory, through an integration with the procurement tool. This piece of software helps businesses manage inventory costs, making sure they have sufficient stock without tying up too much cash in inventory. An inventory management application can weigh sales trends against available product to helps companies make informed decisions that boost margins and increase inventory turn (a measure of how often inventory is sold over a certain period). It can help prevent stockouts and delays, which enhances customer service.

Food & Beverage Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

Warehouse Management

This application can efficiently guide warehouse employees through all warehouse processes based on the layout of the facility, from putaway when shipments arrive to picking to packing and shipping. It can also help companies plan labor based on expected order volume. The warehouse management module can support different picking strategies like batch picking, wave picking and zone picking depending on which is most efficient for a given business, and some modules can show employees the most efficient pick path.

netsuite employee retention strategies

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The customer relationship management (CRM) module stores all customer and prospect information. That includes the company’s communication history with a person—the date and time of calls and emails, for example—and their purchase history. A CRM improves customer service because staffers can easily access all the information they need when working with a customer.

Workforce Management NetSuite ERP Module

Workforce Management

A workforce management module is similar to a human resource management module but is designed for companies with more hourly than salaried employees. It can monitor workers’ attendance and hours and measure things like employee productivity and absenteeism.

ecommerce-solution NetSuite ERP Modules


This module allows companies to quickly launch a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce website. Leading commerce applications include user-friendly tools that allow employees to easily add new items, update product content (item descriptions, titles, specs, images, etc.) and change the look and feel of the website.

ordering management NetSuite ERP Module

Order Management

An order management module tracks orders from receipt to delivery. This piece of the ERP feeds all orders to the warehouse, distribution center or retail store after customers place them and tracks their status as they’re prepared, fulfilled and shipped to the customer. The order management module prevents orders from being lost and boosts on-time delivery rates to keep customers happy and cut unnecessary expenses for expedited shipping.

warehouse management


The manufacturing module helps manufacturers plan production and make sure they have everything they need for planned production runs, like raw materials and machinery capacity. During the manufacturing process, it can update the status of goods-in-progress and help companies track actual output against forecasted production. It also provides a real-time picture of the shop floor, capturing information on items in progress and finished goods. It can calculate the average time to produce an item and then compare supply with forecasted demand to plan adequate production.

planning NetSuite

Professional Services Automation (Service Resource Management)

Services-based businesses often use this module. The application tracks the status of projects, managing human and capital resources throughout, and allows managers to approve expenses and timesheets. It facilitates collaboration between teams by keeping all related documents in a shared place. Additionally, the PSA module can automatically prepare and send bills to clients based on rules around the billing cycle.

Human Resource Management NetSuite ERP Module

Human Resources Management

Encompasses all the features of a workforce management application and offers additional capabilities. HRM could be viewed as CRM for employees. This popular module has detailed records on all employees and stores documents like performance reviews, job descriptions and offer letters. It tracks not only hours worked but also paid time off (PTO)/sick days and benefits information.

Supply Chain Management NetSuite ERP Module

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management module tracks each step in the movement of supplies and goods throughout the supply chain, from sub-suppliers to suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to retailers or consumers. It can also manage any materials or products returned for refund or replacement.

Marketing Automation NetSuite ERP Modules

Marketing Automation

A marketing module manages marketing campaigns across digital channels like email, web, social media and SMS. It can automate email sends based on campaign rules and has advanced customer segmentation features, so customers only receive relevant messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite Consultants are responsible for the management and development of the cloud-based NetSuite software solution. They work to analyze business processes and help companies use the NetSuite system to organize various aspects of the business model.

The cost for a 1 day online course is $800 by NetSuite. Most courses are multi-day which means the cost reaches into the thousands of dollars.
NetSuite was founded in 1998 by Evan Goldberg under the original name NetLedger, which offered web-hosted accounting software. The company was seeded with both start-up money from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison as well as a host of key staff previously employed at Oracle.
NetSuite was acquired by Oracle in November 2016. NetSuite goes beyond what spreadsheets and point solutions can accomplish while reducing operating costs and enhancing productivity.
  • Resource Center
  • ERP/Back Office
  • Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Data Warehouse
  • PSA
  • Human Resources
  • CRM

Common ERP modules support back- and front-office functions like finance and accounting, procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, order management, warehouse management, supply chain management, customer relationship management (CRM) procurement and workforce management.

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