ERP for The Convention and Trade Show Industry

The Right Data In the Right Place at The Right Time

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Deliver standout service by streamlining operations.

Work smarter and faster with real-time alerts and analytics.

Scale as you grow with a robust and complete platform.


Give your customers, jobs, purchases, inventory, work orders and more a home base.

See all your customer information in one place.

Get a single source view of your customers across the organization. A 360-degree view of your customers and their related information – jobs, events, rentals, opportunities, contacts, transactions, marketing campaigns and more from one location. 

Single source project, rental order and work order management.

Move your projects and jobs through the complete workflow – from opportunity and quote to project and job management. Manage your tasks, resources, assets, rental orders, fabrication costing and building, invoices, timesheets, expense reports, purchases, and more from a single integrated project record. 

See the P&L of a project at any time during the engagement to ensure you’re keeping your margin on track.

Generate and manage rental orders and work orders.

Generate and print reports and orders for fabrication tasks and rental pick lists all integrated to your customer jobs. View and access ConventionSuite from laptops, tablets and mobile devices.


Integrated customer portal, e-Commerce online ordering and automated transaction processing.

Collaborate with your customers and share projects, timelines, tasks, files and orders.

Invite your customers into your single-source view and share pertinent information about your project efforts via the front-end portal. Customers can create their project/event schedule and dates and they’ll reflect in your system in real-time.

Ditch the paper and take your rental orders online.

Choose which items you’d like to offer on a customer by customer basis.  Orders automatically populate in the back end system – no need to import/export anything.

Manage and move your inventory in real-time.

Both you and your customers can get real-time inventory and rental asset availability both in the back-end system as well as the customer-facing portal.


No more copy and pasting into Quickbooks.

Automate the routine.

Automate processes around ordering, deposit taking, billing and invoicing, statement sending, item reordering and more per your business rules. Automate the routine and reclaim your time.

No more double entry!

Financials happen in real-time with ConventionSuite so no more double entry. Complete integration means we can see real-time profitability on customers, exhibitors, shows, jobs and more. Use real-time data to recognize problems in advance so you can pivot accordingly and never miss your magin.

A true ERP for businesses of all sizes.

ConventionSuite is built on top of NetSuite – the #1 Cloud ERP system – which delivers complete back-end automation around order management, billing and invoicing, vendors and procurement, accounting period management and more – all tweaked for your industry. Being built on the NetSuite base ensures important core back-end business, accounting and ERP functions keep growing, evolving and are never an afterthought. 


Discover the ability to track, report and visualize anything important for you - anything.

Dashboards built for everyone.

While other applications only provide dashboards for some, ConventionSuite provides dashboards for all. Delivered out of the box with 12 pre-built dashboards for finance, operations, warehouse & inventory, show services and more. ConventionSuite dashboards are full of colorful and customizable KPIs, reminders, alerts and charts.

Customize anything with clicks - not code.

Never again by stymied by hard-coded software. Add custom fields, objects and workflow, customize your org’s look and feel, augment your business processes and even create apps – all using point-and-click tools. 

Build reports without help from IT.

With over 150+ reports out of the box around finance, operations, warehouse & inventory, show services and more – users are empowered to copy and modify these reports and create new reports with easy-to-use click and drag report builders to ensure they have access to the information they need. 


Build your business on a platform that will grow and scale with you.

Design workflows that work for you.

Don’t be trapped by the unchangeable business process flows for approval chains, email alerting and cross-department collaboration that other applications might put you in. With a click and drag workflow builder, ConventionSuite allows you to design your own business logic flows that are unique to your organization. 

Access your business from the show floor or anywhere, anytime.

Delivered via the cloud, you can access ConventionSuite anywhere you have an Internet connection – on desktops, tablets or mobile devices in both the browser and mobile apps in the iOS and Android stores.

Readily integrate with third-party or homegrown apps.

With a marketplace with 100’s of pre-built integrations you are able to extend ConventionSuite to integrate with other popular technologies with turnkey solutions and no custom coding.


Why choose ConventionSuite for Exhibit Houses?


With features around ERP, CRM, Project Management and integrated eCommerce you can paint a complete and integrated picture of your entire organization. An integrated system means improved operational processes across your business.


Delivered via the Cloud and requiring no hardware purchase or set up. ConventionSuite deployment utilizes Leading Practices for solutions delivery and can be deployed in as little as 100 days.


Never worry again about incomplete data. Your teams will gain the competitive advantage of having complete visibility of all their business data in one place and utilize it within real-time dashboards, reports and alerting.


Your business evolves over time, so should your solution. Customize any screen, field, tab at any time and build views unique to a role or user’s needs. Thanks to ConventionSuite’s design these changes are immune to version lock as new versions are released. 


Cloud-based means you can access your business data and full suite of business applications from anywhere at anytime – whether it’s on a desktop, through a mobile browser or on a tablet. 


With ConventionSuite you will always be on the most up-to-date version so you will never miss our on the latest new features and enhancements. ConventionSuite is designed so the customizations you do on the platform are separate from the core application so you never risk version lock.


A system built with your business in mind

Exhibit & Display Houses
Event and Experience Fabricators and Designers
Job & Project Based Contractors


A unique view for a unique job

Feature set varies by edition and above listings are not conclusive of all functionality. Contact Us


"[With ConventionSuite] ... We are now a medium sized company with the same tools as a Fortune 500 company."

"We wanted to be on par with our largest competitors without the same sized budget. We are now a medium sized company with the same tools as a Fortune 500 company. We are able to produce more with less money because we are able to rely on ConventionSuite for many details and processes."
Nick Cordaro
Owner, Las Vegas Expo
"When it was time to replace the web based portion of our services, we decided to upgrade to ConventionSuite. This was a proactive choice that ensured consistent support and function in the future. The NewGen team handled the implementation and customization very well, and I’d highly recommend using their services.”
Dave Houston
President, Rosemont Exposition Services, Inc.

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