NetSuite Scripts


Automate Your Company’s Process

See if any of our scripts can help automate your business.

Generate Shipment Notification

  • Generates e-mail upon item fulfillment meeting designated “shipped” criteria.
  • E-mail contains listing of shipped items with as much detail as required.
  • E-mail contains listing of tracking numbers with links to carrier tracking pages when possible.
  • Additional customization not available with the standard NetSuite shipment notification can also be included.
  • Uses a combination of email templates and scripts to generate message contents.


Ecommerce Shipping Costs Modification

  • Categorized flat-rate shipping cost calculator.
  • Shipping cost categories can store data such as base rate, additional item rate, item subtotal threshold for free shipping for items in category.
  • Can be implemented for both the Ecommerce web store and within the NetSuite user interface.


Sales Order – Weight of Line Item

  • Calculates total weight of a line item on a sales order.
  • Sum total is stored and displayed.


Training Registration Workflow


  • Utilization of custom records for training sessions and session registrants.
  • Automation to send email notifications to registrants prior to training sessions.
  • Generates PDF completion certificates and sends to registrants who successfully complete training.

Quick Reorder

  • Launches a form that returns a list of all items the customer ordered over the previous “X” amount of days.
  • Select items quantities to create estimates/sales orders.


Item Price List

  • Builds list of items based upon selection criteria.
  • Generates PDF document(s) based upon item selections containing various item details, including images.
  • Estimates and sales orders can also be created using selected items with PDF document(s) attached.
  • Handles conversions and display of multiple currencies.


Purchase Order Entry Form

  • Propagates estimated receipt date and other data to all item lines.
  • Sets custom line status value to provide “at a glance” indication of line receipt situation.


Subscription Orders and Renewals

  • Keeps track of subscriptions, recording customers, items, quantities, prices, and more.
  • Can automatically send e-mails to notify customers of upcoming subscription renewals.
  • Automatically generates sales orders based upon subscription data.
  • Logs successes and failures when creating orders, issues daily updates of results to personnel via e-mail.


Customer Autobilling

  • Automatically generates credit card payments for customers with open invoices based upon a payment schedule and autopay amount.
  • Keeps track of last time a payment was automatically generated for each customer.
  • Logs successes and failures when creating payments, issues daily updates of results to personnel via e-mail.